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We were business owners too. We understand what it's like to run a  business offline, and how to get clients online  -using marketing,  blogs,  SEO, Social Media and creating and maintaining  WordPress sites with hosting  and domains.

We want to bring inovation

Our main website M.0.0. is all about marketing for your business. Our offline business of over 12 years was a steep learning curve from the inside  -out. Marketing Offline Online.

Unique Design for Your Site ...Because It Matters!

Engaging Content with a Professionally Designed Site for Your Business Is Essential Today!

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We work with Thrive Suite

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If you desire a  solution to working online - we want to help...

Our background is that we have been in Business Offline for over 12 yrs.
We learned Marketing for our business and I fell in love with all aspects of online marketing.

We create with Thrive Suite.

 Not a plugin, and not some workaround, Thrive Theme Builder is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder—with drag and drop, front-end customization power— that’s been broken free from the traditional WordPress framework to give you unparalleled control over your site.

Kathryn R Maclean

Kathryn Maclean -  director, Blogger  Website Designer


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