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I'm Kathryn Ruth Maclean 

 My silly husband Carl Racicot.

funny faces Carl And Kathryn

We had a 12+ year business offline. I started  an online business to find clients for that business.

I found that I loved working the online platforms, and have been online for over 10 years now.


Married, for many many years. We started out like most people with no money at all.We worked so many different jobs, just to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Finally, I started my own business out of desperation. We had moved to a small town just south of Ottawa where we worked.

There was not much in the way of jobs in a small town. The Cheese plant was really the only job in town.

Carl was lucky to find a night managers job, in a factory in another town.  The only thing I could find was house cleaning.

With many professionals in around Ottawa it worked out to be just right for me. Carl was laid off so I put him to work helping me with my cleaning business. Country Clean was born and it was a 15 yr business for us.

To find customers I learned about marketing. Several years online led to website creation using local SEO to be listed on the first page of Google for local keywords for our business. 

Listing on the  first page brought us many clients, and  I was hooked on web design and learned online marketing.

I am self taught, over 10 years of learning marketing the hard way - trial and error. Carl has taken over the offline business and I started my own online business.  The domain is more personalized for marketing, also including work as my Website Design & Business Coach.

First book a chat on my contact page. Please fill out the short questionnaire to see if we would be a good fit to work together. I may suggest someone I know  -if we are not. 

Kathryn Ruth Maclean

We live just south of Ottawa, ON Canada...

Discover how we make a difference with Your Business...

How It Works


Who am I writing this site for? My Niche is Women in Business. Learning to market their businesses online.


What I do for entrepreneurs!  I live, breathe, & sleep, anything related to digital marketing,  technology & productivity.


My mission is to help women in business, so they are successful a lot sooner (years) than I was. It shouldn't be so hard!

Staying At Home

One thing that is really great about having a business online is that you can schedule your business to suit your lifestyle. We just set up a new office for our business. See completed office pic below.

You can see from my pictures I am a plant well as an animal lover.

I took  a two year Horticulture University course. I thought that I would start my own plant tech business. But life did not work out for me with that niche at that time.

Instead I worked to support my family, living pay check to paycheck as a temporary secretarial admin tech for several agencies for quite a few years.

My story, why I do what I do

Everything was not as lovely as it is now for me and my family. I started out like many women, I met someone and decided after many years to get married. We did not have money, we both worked at several types of work. 

The Years of Hard Work

Many types of jobs. From store clerk to cosmetics sales to secretarial temp, to  cook..I worked for over 12 years as my own business in residential and commercial cleaning.

What I Do Today

 Today I have my online business teaching other women how to market their businesses online. I learned this over 10 years online as I marketed my offline business. I  love it.

big ideas for small biz

How Can I Help You?

My niche is Women in Business. For three types of business owners.

 A. Someone who wants to have a business online. So many ways to accomplish this today.

 B. The business owner who has a site and is aware of problems that she faces and is working hard to get ahead. Looking for leads  - Traffic.

 C. Then the established PRO. She is successful online and has learned the hard way what works and what is a waste of her time. She is looking to scale her business and hire help to do so.

I serve all three types of business women as I have been all three.


A Starter Course
... It might be a 30-Day eCourse. This type of course is a jumping off point where I help my students in my area of expertise.

 I will be hosting these courses on my main WordPress site using Thrive Apprentice, rather than hosting  on a site site that I do not own such as: Thinkific Kajabi, Podia or Teachable. 

New office done

Feature Type COURSES 

 Spotlight Courses
Take a deeper dive and offers specifics and hyper-detailed information into just one specific area.

 Signature Course
Is a complete comprehensive system all-in-one course. It's specific, detailed and includes the entire framework of a total transformation.


  • Courses on many types of marketing for small business. They will be housed on my site using Thrive Suite. 


  • My courses will be about how I learned to do Marketing for Small businesses.


  • These courses will be available on my site for sale. The first one will be for free as I gauge interest.

Still reading. I don't get good results for people who are looking for a get rich scheme.

Not a good fit. You have to work hard to get great results I should know that and you too!

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