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You've got a WordPress website...but you it really doing anything for your business?

You make tweaks here and there to your website...
 - rewriting pages and messing with your fonts
 - you're not getting clients as you did in the beginning
 - you suspect that it's your website that's to blame
 - checking out your competition you try to recreate the same for your website and it still doesn't work

Get an in-depth written report telling you my suggestions in 5-7 days in your inbox.

That is just what happens when you order your WordPress Website Audit!

I would like to invite you to have a professional blogger do an in-depth review of your blog, giving you constructive and thorough feedback to help you make your site into a successfully converting money-maker!

Blog Audit
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I'm Kathryn Ruth MacLean

 Feature - Your Blog Audit

What You’ll Get With a Blog Audit...

How Does It Work?...

 1- book time in my Acuity calendar  contact page. 

 2- I’ll email you a checklist so we can later discuss your goals and perceived challenges, before 3 -I start the blog audit.

If we both agree...  

Before your blog audit session can go ahead,

I’ll send you a personalized agreement contract to ensure

we’re covered legally and committed to seeing our  collaboration through. 

 After I’ve done a comprehensive review of your blog, 

I’ll provide  a document that includes:

  •  Five key issues to increase blog traffic and income
  •  A blog audit checklist and a list of tools and resources that will help you with your goals
  •  A 15-minute strategy session via Zoom or to go over the document review findings by email
  • Answer any questions you have  -all included in the service.
  •  In-depth feedback on all of the above areas, with tips and screenshots in the document.      

 Book Our Zoom  Call

- When I complete the blog audit and the document is ready to be sent to you, - we’ll book a quick Zoom chat.

 - During our strategy session, I’ll walk you through my feedback and provide you with tips for next steps.

I’ll also answer any questions you have on the call. OR we can use email to go over my feedback.  Your choice.

If you’ve got questions afterwards, I’m here to help! I'll keep in touch with my system.

The rest is up to you!  The effort you put into your blog  is the outcome you get from your blog.   

After The Audit

 We can always do a follow-up blog coaching session later to see where you are at and how to overcome any further challenges. I have paid  coaching office hours for this on Fridays.

 I would like to invite you to participate in the Blog Audit Coaching Session

– 15 min Personal Zoom call & recommendations, document, follow up with my system.

Book our call on my contact page.


  NOTE:  No refunds once  we’ve started the blog audit  process. 

Results depend  on your own efforts and time  spent to improve your blog.   

What Is Included in Your Blog Audit?

  • A List of Tools and Resources that will help you with your business goals
  • Go over  document review findings
  • In-depth feedback on all of the above areas, with  tips and screenshots from the document
  • Answer any questions  you have is included in the service
Our Working Process


Much like your business, My business runs on Projects — they're the foundation on which we build our castle of awesome features. Within a Project, you can create and send files, email your clients directly, track your time and tasks, and more. And when business is booming, you're going to need to add a whole lot of them


Once a project is created through which I communicate and share files with the client, access to their Client Portal, where they can review any emails or files that were sent — it’s the perfect way for everyone to stay organized and up to date!


You can (and should!) customize your Project types, lead sources, and other Project Details fields to make sure they fit your brand before you launch.

Blog Audit

A Blogger

Becoming a blogger is a lot of work if you don't know that already!

But, with a little help and some thoughtful planning, you CAN succeed as a blogger. It's been over 5 years, 4 blogs and a blogging community later for me.

Whether you are blogging for pleasure or with the ultimate goal of financial freedom (or both), there are tons of ways to reach your goals while still maintaining integrity to you, your blog and your audience.

I was a welcome coordinator for a blogging community on Facebook for almost 4 years. I researched over 200 bloggers who wanted to join from around the world. I have seen so many different types of blogs. Members were required to post articles on a regular basis. Training on blogging was done in the community.

Blog Audit
Expert Blogging

Blogging is all about providing value to your readers, its really super important to understand what they want, so you can  deliver it consistently in a easily digestible format.

Even for expert bloggers, blogging can be overwhelming. What to write, how often, what platform to use? It goes On and on...

Keeping track of what you have used in the past, such as your inbound and outbound links. What meta descriptions you used with what Instagram captions, all the things.

I use Airtable  for spread sheets. They are free and amazing and so useful for tracking your content.

Writing an article is a creative process, but blogging for business is not creative it's all about using a strategy that suits your own business.

What may work for one business may not for another.

Big business ideas
Blog Offers

Being consistent keeps you top of mind with your potential clients or customers. Your traffic and links - website visits, affiliate links  add up to big bucks eventually. It's a long term strategy not a get rich now thing.

  Free Content / Lead Magnet or Freebie 

     There are 3 different levels:

  1. Micro Offer $/ Upsell Offer 
  2. Premium Course /Membership or Group Coaching $$$
  3. 1:1 Or Done For You Services $$$$$

Program Overview How it Works


  • It starts with the form 
  • I email you back with a check list that you fill out and email back to me.

Include Your Blog URL


  • I start the Blog Audit based on your check list. I will go over your blog and make notes for recommendations  for our Zoom Call or email back to you. Your choice.

Add your notes on the check list for areas of concern.


  •  A 15-minute strategy session via Zoom or to go over  the document review findings and answer any questions  you may have.
  •  In-depth feedback on all of the above areas, with  tips and screenshots in the document that is sent to you.


If you've been waiting for that perfect time to get started creating a

website for your business, that time is now... using Thrive Suite.

After our  session, I’ll share a write-up with all recommendations and a brief strategy outline for your next steps.

We have decided that you may pay half upfront and the rest before receiving your blog document.


I will get back to you with a questionnaire. 

            You have questions?

             We have answers.

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