The purpose of  questions  prior to our discovery call, is so I can get to know you and your company better. Please take the time to fill it out after booking your call.

Our services

and why it matters.

We offer services for small business  

If you have an idea we would be happy to   chat with you about what you need. 

A website or just a re-fresh

or one day to get all your to-do-list accomplished in one 7 hour VIP Rate Day.

Kathryn Ruth Maclean
New office KRM

How to work with us

Our next step after chatting with you for 20 minutes, is to suggest one or more of our services. If you agree we send you the proposal in an email that contains a work book that details everything that you need to know about working with us, including your homework.

When  you confirm the proposal, we will send you your contract and invoice to secure your spot in our work calendar.   Excited to chat with you on a Thursday!