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Design catering to your needs  

This site listed is a lead capture site for new clients of a new business in Montreal, Quebec. Canada. It is a simple one page website and  actually  it uses the same template as the page you are now visiting. The client wanted to include his training from his massage institute, listing this video. He also wanted to have people in his area to call and book a massage time with him.  We suggested how he might advertise his new site as well. A successful marketing strategy is created with your vision for your business and it is the basis for everything you do and WHY you do it. A solid marketing strategy has your long-term goals in mind to step you closer to the outcome you desire for your business. You can visit his site here.

Expert Marketing Partners

Depending on the goal of your site you want people to react and get involved. What sets our work apart is that we work with experts in marketing services, FEA Create. They are known for the METHODs in  which they deliver results. Marketing for Women by Women.

Brand Purpose

What does your company stand for? For example, are you environmentally conscious and provide a more sustainable solution to solve a problem? Your values are what make your company unique.
Why should they purchase from you instead of your competitors? Your brand says it all.

Creative Sites

For several years Kathryn worked with WordPress websites  that includes a site hosted with a domain. These websites were used in connection with a specialized marketing team Thrive Themes/Suite. These are beautiful WordPress themes that are very adaptable  plugins. 

Tailored products upon request

Wedding Blogs are very popular and great fun to create. A great way to celebrate a wedding couple. This is an example of a small website I created for my daughter. Also the initial image at the top. 

why we do it

We’ve been there

We were business owners for over 12 + years with our own business offline. We needed to find a way to bring in more clients so I learned about marketing online. After time  I learned to create  websites and with the use of local SEO clients found us online. That was the start of working online after the days work was done. It took quite a bit of time to learn how to actually market our business and now I only work online while my husband handles the offline business.

We want to bring innovation

After making sure you have the right niche that is making money, you need to direct all your business from  and to a website or blog. A blog is essential. This is the hub of your entire business. The easiest way to create, memberships, email funnels, your website, courses, opt-in pages on an  all-in-one platform that empowers women to run their own online businesses with style and ease.
 More information is available ...on FEA Create

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kathryn ruth maclean

kathryn Ruth Maclean 


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Matt J. Oliver

Massage Therapist

Working with Kathryn was a great experience. She is very kind and patient. I had never worked with anyone before on a website and I was quite pleased with the result. I look forward to building my new business with my great new website. - Matt J. Oliver




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