You’re a magical service provider but you’re burning yourself out! Like to learn a better way?

This was me, maybe you too? 

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How do VIP Days allow me to work smarter than charging project
rates ?

A project rate you are told is better than charging an hourly
rate as the client pays for your value, experience and your

What you don't often hear is...
Timelines get expanded with response times, prioritization of
other client work. Workflow is held up due to someone else's non-
responsiveness. The scope of work expands due to revisions and

VIP Days work so beautifully saving time as you work smarter.
Zero scope creep as everything is planned a head of time with
the client ( including the number of revisions necessary)
If the scope of work is longer than 1 day, you can schedule
multiple VIP Days to get it all completed.
Materials are given ahead of time for when the VIP Day arrives
it's all ready to zone in and work.

Find out more below...

My friend & mentor Sarah Masci is hosting a 4-day workshop next week: the "Launch Your VIP Day 4-day Workshop."

She’ll take you behind the scenes of simplifying your business so you can generate more revenue, and get that (oh-so-needed!) free time on your calendar!🙌

Sarah will be talking about how service providers tend to overcomplicate everything with their services and how easy it really can be to...  SIMPLIFY!

Breaking your back every month for your retainer clients, offering proposals (that allow room for scope creep and working insanely long hours of the day), with all kinds of price fluctuations… These are the kinds of overly complex things you can rule out after the workshop.

What is a V.I.P. Day? Here’s what you’ll be doing on each day of the workshop:

Day One: Create Your Offer - Sarah’s Sweet Spot Formula will help you craft the perfect VIP Day Offer!

Day Two: Price Your Offer - the VIP Day Calculator
will show you exactly how to come up with a price for your VIP Day Offer that will help you to finally get out of the hourly pricing game.

Day Three: Pitch Your Offer - the Email Pitch Template will give you the exact outline Sarah used to pitch her VIP Days. Who doesn’t love a good template? 😉

Day Four: Scale Your Offer - Sarah’s revolutionary DayRate Growth Scale will show you the steps you need to take for your business to scale to new heights! 📈

Join me and others for this FREE  4 Day Workshop

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When people really care about the results that they are after, they

will always buy from an expert rather than someone who is just a generalist.

A specialist is really excellent at one thing.

Generalists are kind of good at a lot of things, but never an expert.

When you are super specific about the type of work you do you become more easily referable, memorable and shareable than others in your industry.

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