Having a Graphics Resources page is a good idea for many reasons, more than just the obvious ones...  

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Graphics Resource pages...  

  1.   They Boost SEO with top quality, resourceful content that will not only increase the amount of time  visitors spend on your site, but also the  pages visited, also your links that you build.
  2.  If you’re an affiliate for a certain brand, you get a referral bonus when you refer people. You should include your fav providers or brands on your resource page as I have done here!
  3. Of course, your number one priority should be to provide recommendations that you trust, so your audience automatically trusts the connection — and so decides to buy from your link! 

   But even more than that!  A well- built resource page:

  • will help improve your businesses reputation online
  • increase affiliate sales by including the tools you love and use yourself
  • boost your S.E.O. > search rankings by building reliable connections between your brand and other brands
  • having and using a resource page for link-building is an effective strategy for SEO because it shows you’re an authority, curating helpful resources to share with your site visitors.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) associated with keywords -people clicking your page listing on Google.

 Products I use and recommend - 

TEMPLATES and more...visit these wonderful designer's products which I am an affiliate for.

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Graphics Bluchic

Bluchic *

- Kathie & Andrew 

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Stock by Jewels *
with Julie Butler

I use these stock images on my sites because they are so darn beautiful. My fav is Julie Butler a former photographer. The beautiful image at the top of this page is by Julie. I am an affiliate!

All the pieces you need to have a profitable business and a beautiful website you love that works on autopilot. Stock photos that represent REAL and Authentic Women Entrepreneurs.

Graphics Julie Butler

She Bold

 She Bold *

 -Jasmine Hunt

The Only Styled Stock Photography that helps Women entrepreneurs professionally create a visually stunning brand online with use of brand strategy!

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