Let's make that change with my done for you services!


ONE PAGE WEBSITE - Starting at $550
Timeline: 2 weeks

 . 1 30min planning session
 . One WordPress Web page with up to 5 sections
 . Branded colours and fonts + Responsive mobile    
 . Connect to domain (if necessary)
 . 4 Plugins Installation & Configuration
 . 1 domain email address
 . 1 test-based logo ( if needed)
 . Up to 5 images added (stock or client images)
 . Image optimization
 . Basic SEO
 . Contact Form (widget) with up to 6 fields
 . Social Connect Buttons/ Social Media Integration
 . Video tutorial on making basic updates to website
 .  30 Day Basic Maintenance

 . 1) Up to 2000 words of website copy, Proofreading and Basic Editing
 . 2) Up to 3 YouTube videos Integrated into website.


WordPress Web Design
Multi-Page Website Starting at $1430
Timeline: 4-8 weeks

 . 1  30 minute planning session
 . Up to 5 WordPress Web pages
 . Branded colours and fonts Responsive mobile
 . Connect to a domain (if necessary)
 . 8 Plugins Installation $ Configuration
 . Up to 3 domain email addresses
 . 1 Text-based logo (if needed)
 . Up to 15 images added ( stock or client images)
 . Image optimization
 . Basic SEO
  . Contact Form (widget) with up to 6 fields
 . Social Connect Buttons/Social Media Integration
 . Google Analytics connect
 . 1 footer with up to 3 widgets/columns
 . 1 Opt-In Form for Freebie or Newsletter Integration
   with Mailer-lite
 . Video tutorial on making basic changes to website
 . 30 Day Basic Maintenance


THRIVE SUITE  - All Thrive Themes Plugins
-Thrive Theme Builder, Shapeshift and Ommi
-Unlimited Support
-Unlimited Updates
-Access to Thrive University
-Install on up to 25 websites
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  . 1) Up to 2000 words of website copy, Proofreading    Basic Editing
 . 2) Up to 3 YouTube videos Integrated into website.


Website Maintenance
Starting at $50/Month

 .One  Backup WordPress + Database with hosting Provider  or

  - confirmation of backup completion
 . Update Plugins, Themes & WordPress

 . Review up to 50 Comments
 . Remove up to 50 SPAM messages
 . BONUS: Brief monthly report

Blog /Website Management
Starting at $200/Month

. Up to 5 blog posts added, formatted and  scheduled for publication per month.
 . Up to 3 images added to each blog post including:    Featured Image (client provides images)
 . Up to 1500 words per blog post basic Proofreading  and Editing.
 . Up to 5 links added per post
 BONUS: Up to 8 Custom Pin able Graphics per month.
   (Client provides Pin Templates)

Blog/Website Maintenance + Management
g at $240/Month


A La Carte Offerings
Starting at $30  Timeline: Varies

 . Keyword and SEO Optimization - $60
 . Automatically send new blog posts to subscribers  upon release-$50
 . Up to 2000 word blog post Proofreading& Editing- $50
 . Up to 10 Pin able Images per month-$100
 . Monthly SEO Updates-$100
 . Up to 5 pages Page Link audit-$50
 . Website Audit (to to 6 pages) - $50
 . Additionally Monthly Website and Database Backup-$35
 .  Up to 100 comments Review & SPAM Removal- $40
 . Review & Report of Site Statistics (Google Analytics  /JetPack)- $30

Having a blog content plan can transform your blogging business.

It helps you provide valuable content to your website traffic and potential customers/clients.

A content strategy can remove that " not knowing what to post" and that feeling of being stuck.


So How Does It Work?



Following our first FREE 20 min chat, you fill out a brief questionnaire

 This will help me understand your brand, and your business goals, who your target audience is + who are your competitors, what are your branding details and what you ideally are looking for.


SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: (If You choose this). Or the WordPress Site/Blog.

 You will receive a PERSONALIZED detailed STRATEGY. In this document I go over strategies I recommend to be the most effective for your business,
next steps and my recommendations.



You will have a specified time to make any revisions to the outline

or request changes. Then I will send you a contract to sign before

any work implemented on your platforms!

Posting work will start on an agreed upon date.



On my calendar I plan out exactly which days and which platforms

and which content will be posted one month in advance.

A copy is sent to you.

EXTRAS are listed above as BONUSES


ANALYTICS REPORTS:  Starting at $75

(Every 3 Months)

You will be sent a detailed Analytics report showing you your profiles performed and ROI details. Every 3 months a more in-depth Report with Recommendations will be sent along with a detailed Zoom or Phone Call with me to discuss strategies and any necessary changes moving forward.


I can create any necessary graphics , photos, with stock images if preferred.

Get your Blog Audit


More about having your blog audited here

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Course Creation on your own WordPress site.

Yes It's now possible to create and host your own courses, or redo older ones, and host them on your own WordPress site. No fees, you get all the emails from your students.  

Build a highly profitable Online Course Business with Course Craft & Thrive Suite.


WordPress Sites

I have created many WordPress websites/blogs for our business using Thrive Suite.  See link below. I am an affiliate.

Social Media Services

I am a Social Media Campaign Creation Specialist. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. LinkedIn. see below

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A Blogger for over 5 years. A Welcome admin for Blogging Community,  almost 4 years

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