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Our V.I.P. Day Rates 

Hello ... Kathryn here asking you do you need help with something ...

  • that you don't have time for, or
  • you can't quite figure how to do something or
  •  like your website? or design work  

    There are so many things to do and  so many items to get done. 

    That is where I come in doing the work for you one day!!!


what can you get done in one day?

 I have a new option called "VIP Day Rate"  

Basically a day that we can go through and do any number of things - one being a website refresh. This is actually a perfect day-long project that I'd love to work on with you. The cost for the day will be listed on my Price List. As I am just starting this service I want a few beta testers and will only be charging $half price for the first 3 sign ups. You'll have my eyes, ears & brain on your business from approximately 8am - 4pm EST (with snacks and bathroom breaks of course)

How do I book a free 20 min call?

Go to my contact page and pick a time and a day. I do hello calls on Thursdays.  After you book a call on my scheduler system I ask you to fill in a quick questionnaire so I can determine if we would be a good fit to work together.

How Do we get in contact during the day?

There are several ways to keep in contact over the day so I know what your wishes are on any topic. I have found that using Asana is a good option, we keep in touch with their email system or we can use  Slack or Facebook messenger. Before the VIP Day I find out what it is that you want to work on and give homework to be completed the week before the work day.

What is the Investment?

I send a welcome e-book with all the instructions needed. A contract and an invoice.  I ask that half be paid  a week in advance plus the balance paid the day before the work day. As this is a new service for me I only ask half for the first 4-5  people. 

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